Tuesday, November 26, 2013


In line with yesterday's post fodder I suppose, here's the new album from Toxic Holocaust, "Chemistry Of Consciousness". Again, black wax of the wider press thanks to Relapse Records. I did actually chase this record down though, unlike the Skeletonwitch album. This band is one that I've remained reasonably fond of over the years, so the release of a new album was as good a reason as any to make me buy something in hard format.
Like their tour mates, TH recordings have gradually improved in quality over the years, something you would certainly put down to larger budget made accessible by a growing fan base. You'd be hard pressed these days to find any proper metal fan (or even savvy hardcore kid for that matter) who isn't fond of, or at least familiar with Toxic Holocaust. This album marks what most would probably rate as the bands cleanest to date. In terms of thrash goodness, levels are at a maximum. The punk metal is at full throttle with plenty of nasty leads, head banging moments and hardcore inspired breaks. Joel Grind's vocals sound as demented as they've ever been, and the single kick drumming is as prominent as it's been on anything previous. My only problem with stuff like this, any thrash like this, is how much it all starts to sound the same when you listen to it for any extended amount of time. If there's any modern thrash that I'm going to 'bang to though, it's this, or Skeletonwitch.

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