Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Machetazo continue to develop their doom influences with this new album of theirs, "Ruin". Released by Doomentia, this is still a through and through Death Grind record but as with most of their preceding releases, the general recording qualities sink further into a big doom pit, most evident in the guitar tone and mix. Thirteen tracks in around forty minutes should be enough of an indication that this thing isn't pure grind. Most of the songs revolve around a proper developed structure and the average playing time is something like 2:30. One thing that gets me is how different Dopi's vocals sound to his work with Dishammer, I think that can be put down mostly to the more doomy mix I speak of. This would now have to be my favourite release from the band, and with it's minor differences and developments I doubt it will turn off any existing fans.

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