Saturday, July 20, 2013


For the first time in a long time I am completely out of new records to post about. Previously I've dabbled lightly in posting about older pieces of my collection that were acquired before this blog existed, but tonight I've commenced drafts of nine EP's that have either only seen brief mentions here before or never any attention at all.
First up is the brilliant debut 2004 EP, "Look Alive" from Belgium's Justice. It's a pity that the majority of this bands good output really happened a few years before I started Skull Fucked, but I knew I'd always get around to posting about this record. I'd argue that this release is probably one of the best (if not THE best) examples of a modern hardcore band doing true Justice to the 80's NYHC sound. Pressed by Complete Control Records and Get Wise Records, I don't think this black variant was an overly small edition as it's still pretty easily obtained. As far as I know a smaller press of green was also done at the same time. Every song here is executed perfectly, the recording is concise and pin-point, and Switch's vocal style with his cool European-doing-English twangs make everything perfect. Mix in Spoiler's iconic artwork and just the general attitude that the band conveyed during this period and you've got a prized part of my EP collection. This 7" and the Iron Boots demo would have to be the two best examples of a modern band trying their hand at the true early to mid 80's New York sound. Perfect.

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