Saturday, June 29, 2013


I've been sitting on this new s/t LP from Hounds Of Hate for weeks now trying to figure out how I'd approach this post. My copy's on black vinyl, and it was pressed by Painkiller. This style of hardcore (the HARD, good stuff that takes stark influence late 80's NYHC, Breakdown, Warzone etc), is usually right up my alley. Old and new bands doing this style always tend to grab my interest. Seeing a release on what I regard as one of the best labels in modern hardcore too should also be a major selling point for me. But for whatever reason, the band in general just don't do it for me, they never have. Perhaps the fact that this came out at exactly the same time as the Violent Reaction LP, and most of my attention has been directed at that album has something to do with it. Don't trust my opinion though, the sound here is good; the recording is loud and thick and packs that thud that does this style of hardcore massive justice. The bulk of the songs are of the mid to high pace and the riffs are everywhere. The vocalist also has a very cool style that reminds me heaps of Jeff Perlin. Maybe I need to just give this thing more time? Probably. But for now it's just not doing it for me.


J@screamingforrecords said...

Sometimes if it ain't working for ya it aint working for happens. Sometimes as you point out it does depend on what else you are listening to, you might give this record a spin in 6 months and find you dig it

Across Your Face said...

I have been loving this record. That Violent Reaction LP is a serious contender too. I would love to see them on tour together