Saturday, March 9, 2013


The new Iron Lung Mixtape, aptly titled "Mixtape II", sees the label extending further long the trajectory that the first incarnation ended at. Twenty tracks from twenty acts presented, a fairly wide scope is on offer here, ranging from the fast and violent (Hatred Surge with a re-recording of a previous favourite, Iron Lung, Gas Chamber), the heavy and violent (Column Of Heaven covering Integrity, and Gehenna), the obscure and noisy (Useless Children covering Metallica, Gag, Negative Press), right down to the peculiar and outright grating (Brainoil, Bite Itself, Mutant Video). This thing is bound to please most punks just for the pure fact that there's a heap of stuff on offer here, scanning infinite little sub genres. A perfect example of where the label is at the moment I suppose. The new Iron Lung (band) LP is en route to me, expect a post soon hopefully.


Tim said...

Did you manage to get a copy of the Iron Lung 2xLP man? I sent Prank an email a week ago to order one but haven't got a reply yet.

Sean said...

Yeah I paid Jensen for a copy of the 2xLP when they were out here. Apparently they sold around 30 copies like this. They didn't make it to Perth I gather?

Tim said...

Nice one. They skipped Perth this time which was a bummer. Hopefully they have some leftover from tour.