Saturday, March 30, 2013


What I don't know about Hailgun from Melbourne would fill a warehouse. They were up my way playing shows recently along with a few other bands from the south, so I thought I'd grab their self released EP, "Accident" on a whim. A small amount of research tells me that the band sees classics such as the bulk of the "TIBNLA" line up as heavy influence, though I'm not really hearing that here. The relatively clean recording and monotonous vocals coupled with the break neck singularity of the upper tempos lends itself tremendously to some sort of skater thrash hybrid, though what I know about that kind of music is minimal also, so I may be wrong? I don't know, they seemed tight live, and everyone I know seemed to rave on about them, but apart from a few cool little parts, I just find this record kind of boring. There's certainly a lot worse out there, but if you have similar tastes to those of my own, I doubt you'll regret passing this up.

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