Thursday, March 28, 2013


Seeing as how in the next few weeks PKR is setting to release the first half of the final Out Cold material (and the first new stuff since 2005) on LP, I thought it about high time that I got around to getting my hands on some of the bands brilliant work. This is the bands second album, "Warped Sense Of Right + Wrong", and their first with Mark on vocals after he moved across from Bass after Kevin left the band. I'd argue that this album was their best, though everything they did was top shelf stuff. Black vinyl, and I'm assuming some kind of more recent repress, as I was able to pick this up from Kangaroo Records direct for around $20 posted. Often I write about bands that need no real introduction. These guys are one of those bands. I think I'd feel dumb explaining any further the pure mastery that went on over the course of their powerful lifespan.

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