Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Possible contender right here for hardcore album of the year for a lot of people I am willing to bet. I speak of course about the brand new LP, "Mob Justice" from Boston power house The Rival Mob. Sea foam green wax of 400 copies that sold out in something like an hour I think. Guess I just got lucky with it. Their debut for Revelation Records possibly sees the band employ their most 'studio' recording to date, though I suspect that may come down to a matter of opinion. Certainly compared to the promo tape of the same name from mid last year, this thing takes on a cleaner sound anyway. Five jams here were first made public on that tape also, and though they've been buffed up thanks to Trevor at the Colosseum, they don't really differ a whole lot in anyway from Chris Corry's work with the first incarnation. More of what you'd expect from this band: no frills, gritty hardcore with that stark New York City Hardcore bend. Hard breaks, dive bombs, crew shouts, sneered vocals, witty lyrics and the odd solo. The best in the business.

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Across Your Face said...

PROPS on being the first to post. I had to run out to my mailbox this morning to grab it. Loading the mp3s onto my phone right now to listen to on my commute haha.