Saturday, January 12, 2013


Following their demo from last year, here's the debut 7" EP from Boston's MFP. Recently pressed by the mighty Painkiller Records, my copy comes on the more limited blue colourway. Recorded by CC, it's got the distinctive Paincave sound most typified I supposed by the ripping guitar tone and the very obvious snare strike sound. Rough, fast Boston hardcore with a bit of a Japcore influence, this thing reminds me a little of the recent Prisoner Abuse 12". Brilliant cover art by Shaun Filley of Annihilation Time fame.


Across Your Face said...

I just saw the guy on the back has a Templars t-shirt on. Enough evidence for me. ORDERED!

Daniel said...

Glad to see Shaun's artwork he has a new band called Wet Brain w/Larry Darvocet and Wedge from H-100's.