Sunday, October 28, 2012


This will definitely be one of my top demo releases for this year, the debut cassette from Oblivionation. You're more than likely living under some kind of punk boulder if you haven't at least heard this bands name mentioned somewhere in the last few months. Raging, hateful, intelligent, energetic hardcore from Massachusetts featuring members of a load of great older bands, most notably I suppose Out Cold. The formula here doesn't stray too far from what that band were well known for too. Simplistic, no frills hardcore with a pretty solid mid west vibe. Some of the best lyrics I've read in 18 months to boot. This copy comes from the initial band dubbed edition of 50 copies, which I do think is sold out at this point. Comes with a load of various inserts, stickers etc. Another edition of 200 copies is due in the next few weeks (or perhaps is available now?) thanks to Bleeding Edges.

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Dustin said...

I need to get on a copy of this before it sells out. The Bleeding Edges version has been out for a few weeks.