Tuesday, October 2, 2012


After a bit of a build up, Hooded Menace have finally unleashed their third full length album via Relapse Records. A double 12" gatefold affair on 'diehard (ie most limited)' orange vinyl, "Effigies Of Evil" certainly showcases a band with new gained access to a larger recording budget, most evident in the massively professional guitar sound, but I wouldn't say that the larger chunk of cash is necessarily a positive thing. Don't let me dissuade you, this is a fantastic record and easily their best stuff since "Fulfil The Curse", but unlike that first album and it's massive guitar crunch made possible in part to the jagged, rougher recording, the total wall of noise I hoped for and even expected with this album is lacking a little. I think the general positioning of the guitars in the mix have a lot to do with what I am talking about. They're way down in there compared to previous efforts, not nearly loud enough. Perhaps engineer Mikko Saastamoinen had an idea to really highlight Lasse's massive vocals with this one instead. Speaking of which, if anyone doubted the lead man's ownership of the best death metal vocals in 15 years, surely said lack of confidence will be quashed here. World class. Fans of previous material shouldn't have any issue enjoying this, there are heaps of really catchy riffs and massive doom bits, but I do suspect that the same fans will notice what I am talking about.

Early folk who were willing to pony up some extra cash were also gifted with this extra 7", "Necrotic Monuments", containing two bonus tracks. Two covers here, originals of which can be credited to Eternal Darkness and Witchfinder General, from what I can tell these songs come from the same sessions as the new full length, though the recording duties have been solely credited to Lasse. And I don't think I am imagining it, but the problem I observed with the album isn't as evident on this slab. Same colour as the LP's and limited to 500 (I think?) copies.

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Dustin said...

I had thought about ordering a copy of this record but couldn't bring myself to drop the $35 + shipping on it (this version anyway.) Good record though!