Sunday, October 7, 2012


Debut LP "Blood Cult" from Irish crust rippers Putrefaction. Considering my obvious affection for the vast bulk of current Irish bands of the aggressive orientation, I was kind of surprised that I had never heard of these guys until very recently when an Irish friend made mention of this new album of theirs. Black vinyl thanks to Distro-y Records, Underground Movement, Phobia Records and Ratbone Records. This follows a demo tape "Destroyers" (where they dare attempt a classic Sepultura cover, and manage to pull it off quite well) from something like four or five years ago. Without too much research I gather they kind of just went a bit quiet for a while so maybe that explains why I had never heard of them until now. Most of the descriptions flying around for these guys at the moment seem to kind of pigeon hole them as some kind of crust/death metal splice and I can certainly see that to an extent. With that logic though you could label just about any current popular crust band as a death/crust combination, as I would argue that there's nothing that can be found on this slab- apart from the odd tremolo pick here and there, as inherently or obviously death metal. It's just aggressive crust with the odd melodic tendency. It's good though. The B side is certainly the shiner. Comes with a glossy fold out poster as well as a six page booklet. Most of the artwork can be attributed to the bands singer and axeman Eric.

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Jeän (Lord DooM Aüch) said...

My friend Luc "owns" Ratbone Records, just "the" discover of the year!