Monday, August 6, 2012


A couple months back, new label out of Sydney, Urbn Rage Records released this all Australian compilation LP, "Split Scene". It's a mixed bag really and hardly what I'd call a good representation of the wider Australian hardcore punk scene, but it certainly presents a good example of a good chunk of the harder bands coming out of our fair land currently. I think I can find interest in about half of the music here, with a couple of really great songs on one hand (tracks by The Weight and Hurt Unit) and then on the other a couple of absolute turds (fuck it, there's only one horrendous song here and it's by Outright). A point I suppose I should make; a couple of bands that I've worked with previously (Downpour, Sick People, Shackles) have made their way onto this thing. Cool.

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Nice, been waiting for that comp. You know anything about the Hurt Unit - Demo 7'' ? Been looking for that for a while, dying to find it ! Hear great things about Hurt Unit !