Sunday, July 8, 2012


Few new tapes to talk about, these three procured recently in a trade with Dustin from Look Alive Records. First up is one of his releases, the "Gehenna" EP from Tinnitus out of Worcester, MA. Fastcore/PV stuff that takes obvious cues from all of the greats. Relatively clean recording for a release of such nature. Not up to date on a huge amount of information on this band, but I don't think this is actually a demo as it's referred to as an EP. Probably need to research into them a bit more as this is pretty cool. Right up my alley really. (Edit- Dustin informs me that To Live A Lie Records pressed this to vinyl shorty after this tape edition).

Next is the Skinfather demo tape, again released by Look Alive. Death metal fiends may have an idea of what's going on here based off the bands name. Dismember references aside, this sounds like it's going for a somewhat Swedish death sound mixed with some more modern hardcore influences. Shorter structures, mosh bits, crew yells and a pretty raspy, more hardcore vocal approach. Classic sunlight guitar tone in tact, the recording suffers a little in that it's just not thick enough to really convey the sound that the band seem to be going for. It's still quite catchy though and I bet this would be fucking great live.

And finally, the Harness demo released by Mind Melt Records. I haven't listened to hardcore like this in ages. Angry, tough moshy hardcore that does it's best to sound like late 90's greats, Buried Alive, early Hatebreed and in turn bands like All Out War and Integrity. Straight out of Santa Barbara, they've nailed a very spot on recording for music of this nature, thick and clear. Fans of groups like Cast Aside, Terror and the like should certainly find interest in this.

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