Monday, July 9, 2012


This blog and Mammoth Grinder go back a fair way. I managed to discover the band relatively early on in it's life, and through the various progressions I've always managed to remain a big fan. This is their latest work in the form of a two song 7" single "In And Out b/w See Me Hang". Limited clear vinyl released by the band themselves, this was sold at Chaos In Tejas recently and the remainder of the press put up in the web store. Black vinyl of a wider edition exists too. The two tracks here display a band in the grips of another transition, easily displaying a perfect mix of death metal and crusty hardcore punk. Though with more recent releases the band have always maintained that their sound was that of a punk/metal splice, it always came off to me as just pure early Autopsy/Entombed revivalism, whereas these tracks really seem to nail the sound of a perfect combination. Fast, simplistic, riffy constructions, with a kind of rough recording and muffled vocals. I see this pleasing a wide audience.

This is a preview to the bands upcoming full length album. The story goes that these were just some left over tracks that wouldn't fit on a standard LP. Not sure who's pressing the album, as Cyclopean Records look more or less over now, but if the new stuff is anything like this, the album could be a favourite of the year for me.

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