Sunday, July 29, 2012


In April last year I made a post about the brilliant Swedish death metal band Repugnant and their LP "Spawn Of Pure Malevolence". At the time of that post my more in depth knowledge about the band and any of their other releases was relatively minimal. Further (basic) research revealed a small handful of prior releases including various EP's, tapes and splits, all of which were long OOP and massively hard to get a hand on unless willing to pay silly eBay prices. Luckily for late comers like me, a couple of record labels have decided to reissue a couple records of theirs this year. This is their "Premature Burial" 7" picture disc originally released in 2004 by Soulseller Records and reissued by the same label in the last couple of months. Side A is a couple rough tracks taken from the sessions during the recording of their previously mentioned LP (including a cover of a classic Nihilist number) and side B is some live cuts. I'm not a massive fan of picture discs but this EP was never issued in any other format so it will do.

The bands flawless EP "Hecatomb", originally released as a 7" in '99, then 12" the next year is to be reissued as a 12" again by High Roller Records out of Germany
(and possibly a few other labels too from what I can gather) at the end of August. Pre orders are up now. I've got mine.

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