Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Another Boston classic, this time the reissue of X Claim! #4, "Brotherhood" by D.Y.S. Not a Reflex Records reissue, this time you can thank Razor Edge. A recent pick up on eBay, my copy is on black wax. I can't find much more information on this pressing really, other than that it was pressed in 2009. I have a sneaky feeling that it may be a bootleg. Might explain the small amount of cash that I handed over for it. If it is a boot, it's a clean one, more or less down to the precise point in terms of similarities to the original. Certainly not my favourite of the original Boston crew, but a very popular band regardless, and there's some absolutely essential Boston anthems here. I'd say this is probably their best stuff, and Dave Smalley sounds remarkably similar to Choke here.

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