Sunday, July 15, 2012


Early Boston hardcore in the form of this reissue of an early 80's classic. This is the brilliant Jerry's Kids LP "Is This My World?" on green vinyl of 100 copies. Blue wax was also pressed of the same number along with a larger press on black. Originally issued as the final X-Claim Records release in 1983, X-Claim #6, it's been reissued a couple of times over the years, most notably by Taang! in the early 90's. Reflex Records out of Belgium were the last to have a stab at it in 2002. This marks the first ever record I've procured by the way of Discogs. I will admit that I did reserve a little trepidation at first with the site, but it worked out remarkably well. Possibly some of the fastest postage of any record I have bought from abroad. Arguably my favourite release of the original X-Claim roster, this edition is more or less a product of me looking to fill out various essential gaps within my collection. Another three examples of this OCD will follow in the coming days, all reissues. I don't have buckets of money to spend on OG 80's USHC.

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