Friday, June 29, 2012


New 7" EP "I'll Never Look At You The Same Way" from Brisbane home towners, Marathon. Mixed coloured vinyl from Midnight Funeral Records. The bands first vinyl outing, this follows up a CD EP release from a couple years back and presents three new songs. Guitarist and central song writer Ryan goes to lengths to describe his influences when writing music for this band, a lot of which I am relatively unfamiliar with, apart from one group that's imprint is an obvious pillar when you listen to these songs. As with the previous outing, definite "You Fail Me" era Converge impressions are left all over this record. The guitar tone, the structures and the general style all combine to create a very similar mood to that aforementioned Boston bands sound. One of very few Australian bands that obviously understand the finer points and nuances of the Converge sound and manage to pull off an interpretation of it quite well.

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