Thursday, May 31, 2012

self abuse

I didn't grab anything on record store day this year because to be honest most of the bands and labels I get a kick out of don't normally bother to do anything for said occassion. I also kind of think that RSD is a dumb excuse for hipster dick bags to show everyone how many 'vinyls' they bought etc etc. Whatever, scepticism will be the death of me. I managed to pick this up from a mate after the fact though. You may be aware that this repress of the classic "Pick Your King" EP from none other than Poison Idea has been selling at a reasonable profit to the flipper for the last few weeks in places like eBay but Marcus at The Endless Quest was good enough to let me have it for base retail plus the postage from the UK. Thank you pal. Clear vinyl of 1000 copies. TKO Records.

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mcs said...

The people who call records 'vinyls' are probably the same ones that refer to 7"s as 'albums'.