Sunday, May 6, 2012

the path of flesh

Keeping up with the relentless stream of vinyl and CD releases that Dark Descent Records out of Colorado continues to unleash upon the wider metal public is becoming increasingly harder and harder to manage. So much going on all of the time. One recent release from the label though that stood out to me like dogs balls is this new 7" single from Sweden's Uncanny, "The Path Of Flesh". This white version was of the more limited, possibly restricted to 100 copies though I can't be certain. The remainder of the press exists on black.

Those familiar with the early 90's Swedish death clique will be aware that the two new songs on offer here mark the bands first new material in around 18 years. These two tracks more or less pick up exactly where the the "Splenium For Nyktophobia" LP finished up; melodic, catchy, riffy, simplistic death metal. Being a 2012 affair, obviously the band have had access to a somewhat updated recording environment and as a result these songs are very loud and mammothly heavy. With the blatantly melodic nature of this style of metal, with all of these catchy leads and rhythms I can certainly see this band being the one that opens up the more traditional metal world to the younger metalcore scene. Not to say that something like that will happen, but if there was going to be any band that would do it this year, it's Uncanny.
Very comparable to bands like Black Breath, Unearth and even Parkway Drive.

Hopefully this release is a hint that there is more coming up soon. As is stands this EP will certainly go down as part of my top releases for this year. So fucking good. Someone sell me the LP for a not so retarded eBay price.

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