Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The last time I wrote about Wayfarer from England's south was back at the end of 2010 as part of my post about their split 7" with Rot In Hell. At that point I hadn't heard anything about them before so when I was first flawed by their contribution to that record I immediately went about researching more about the band and their discography. Other than the split the only other thing they had released at that point was this 12" EP, "The Days Have Gone Down In The West" on Carry The Weight Records. At the time I sampled a few songs from this EP in the digital form but I wasn't as impressed as I had been by the split song, so I pretty much put this album on the 'to get, maybe, one day' list. Well lucky me my pal Craig included this in the recent birthday package. I sampled the remaining tracks and I will admit that I am very impressed.

Pretty solid brand of heavy hardcore that takes strong influence from Cleveland metallic stuff and the like. There's more going on here too, but I'd say that that is the strongest sound no doubt. They also implement some pretty obvious Norse themes with the artwork and song titles etc.

From what I can tell they've released one more 7" since this EP and the split, though following that it all seems to go pretty quiet with these guys. I have a feeling they may have broken up, though that's just based of the lack of information I can find online. Someone set me straight?


Dicko said...

Wayfarer are still going strong.
They've just released a very limited tape/box set and are apparently working on a new album.

breadman said...

they have also just rereleased a shirt they did for their scandanavian tour!