Monday, January 23, 2012

a dead issue

Wormrot post part II. Their new LP, "Dirge". As with my post about "Abuse" last week, I've again snagged the most limited colour in yellow of 200 copies with absolutely no trouble. It is beyond me how a band of this total quality isn't selling out first presses of their records, especially now since Earache Records is pressing their stuff. 28 tracks of relentless grindcore bashed out in the space of about 20 minutes. It doesn't really get better than this in terms of modern grindcore.

As with their last long player, recording qualities here are of pristine mark. Where it differs from "Abuse" slightly is just the general cleanliness of it. Not that it detracts one bit in listenability compared to previous material but it is every so marginally tidier in the mixing and mastering departments than the older stuff. Attribute this I suppose to the introduction of new engineer, a fellow named Ah Boy. Actual song quality here is totally on par with anything else of theirs though- plenty of creative riffs and constructions, and perfect amounts of grind offset by slower bits and thrash riffs. It's astounding to me how a band can continue to pump out great ideas like this without sounding stale and repetitive.

Photo bomber.
Someone bring these guys to Australia already.


Survivalist said...

more pictures of dogs with record please

VII said...

Love this record. I have the red/white splatter pressing