Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the chaos dimension

Already this year I've made a couple mentions of this new Irish band. I speak obviously of ZOM and their debut demo tape. This is the first (and now sold out) edition of 100 copies. Invictus Productions is the responsible party and a second edition is apparently due within the next few weeks.
Now while this is a new tape, I wouldn't go as far to say that this is a 'new' band. They've been a unit for at least five months now, and as I've mentioned prior, this is more or less just the fantastic Crowd Control minus a couple members. At least, I think that's what it is anyway.
So this band is a three piece, one count of guitarist, one count of drummer and one count of bassist. From what I can make through the heavily reverbed vocals, and based from a live video I have seen, both the bassist and guitarist handle vocal duties. If I am correct, based off those same assumptions, main vocals are in fact handled by Andy, the old CC vocalist. Through the massive amounts of reverb and delay, I'm almost positive that that's him screaming.
Have I actually mentioned what the style of music going on here is yet? Based on the majority of the content of that last CC record, to these ears the most natural progression for these guys would have to be some kind of early 90's death metal revivalism, and that's what going on here. Heavy comparisons to a lot of those semi technical American bands ala Massacre and similar. The band also go as far as to list Canada's Blasphemy as influence, and I'd quickly make that comparison also. Heaps of tremolo picking and the like. For the record, they also lift a prominent Autopsy riff here too, though I'm not sure how intentional it was. As for CC devotees, I doubt you'll be disappointed. While I'm sure the band wish not to rest on the notoriety gained with that band, there is more than a few riffs and ideas that would have easily been at home on that last LP.
Pretty relieved that this demo turned out as good as it has. I did have my slight doubts, but this one manages to tick just about every box that I had set for this release. Really excited to hear what they do next.

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pentagrimes said...

You are correct - it's Andy on Bass and most of the vocals.the other CC member is Emmet the guitarist, who also handles some vox