Saturday, January 21, 2012

the abduction diary

I've managed to make a few posts about Dublin's Drainland over the last year or so. Today's fodder comes in the form of their new split LP with fellow Countrymen, Trenches. Black vinyl of what I assume may be the larger edition of the press, but I haven't looked into it enough to really know if alternate colours do exist. Released by Graanrepubliek. Recently acquired via trade with Jamie for an LP from a popular Australian band.

On offer here is a pretty tried method of down tempo and sludgy influenced hardcore from both bands. Three songs from Drainland that easily dominate the rest of their catalogue in many differing qualities; the recording is their best yet, Jamie's vocals are certainly at their peak in terms of low end and 'manliness' and all three tracks are just really well constructed, especially the opener, "Stairs".

Trenches contribution, a single track by the name of "Vaccine" is a longer number, pushing into the + 10 minute arena. Noticeably similar in style to that of the general Drainland feel; slow, sludgy and dark and with more of a modern hardcore feel in the recording style. Obviously this song progresses through a number of tempo changes and directions with it's length, and I haven't heard any other material of theirs, so I have no idea whether this is a typical Trenches track. I like it though.

Overall it's a pretty bare bones layout and presentation. Two colours dominate the presentation as you can see. Nothing more to it. Being the kind of nerd that I am I do find this a little boring, but judging by what I know about the bands, I'm kind of guessing that this is the aesthetic that they were going for.

Drainland have a few more releases lined up for this year as far as I know. A split with Enabler is up for pre order now at Halo Of Flies Records, and a another split with Crows is due soon too.

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