Monday, November 21, 2011

crypt infester

Earlier in the year I made a brief post about a brilliant new Finnish death metal band that goes by the name of Corpsessed. Finally after a good six months or more their debut MLP, "The Dagger And The Chalice" has finally been given the vinyl treatment in certainly deserves. Blame the fellow at Dark Descent Records out of the USA for this abomination. resented here on a kind of smokey grey vinyl of 100, black wax also exists.
To use the Finnish death metal description would be a reasonably accurate description. Brooding, slower tempo'd, low end death metal is the name of the game here and it's more or less the best example of the style that I've heard in the last few years. A massive recording, hugely guttural vocals, booming guitars, perfect drums. Forget the scummy, punk leanings of the Autopsy crowd, or the hooky, melodic leanings of the Swedish bunch, this is pure, dark, death metal and will just about be one of my top five of 2011. You can't go past this album at all.

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