Saturday, September 3, 2011

swine control

What I know about the following band in question is minimal at best, and what I really know about the style of music they're playing is probably even less. This is the new Krömosom LP on black vinyl, recently pressed by a handful of labels, including Hardcore Victim Records and Havoc Records. Japcore/d-beat/crust hardcore played by former members of a handful of bands, including Melbourne's Pisschrist. Similarities to that band shouldn't go unmentioned here. Fast, metallic crusty hardcore.
Following an extensive line up change since the last demo cassette, this new album see's the band recorded in a much more quality setting, without getting too clean or crisp for the style. Yeap's ungodly vocals would have to be the highlight of this LP, reverbed heavily, he sounds easily at his best here. With that said though, I was never a massive fan of his previous work with Pisschrist, there's clearly just a lot I don't really understand about that/this style of music.
Even though there's only eight songs on offer here that span barely 13 minutes, the similarity of nearly every track to one another by nature of their fast, relentless d-beat structures tend to bore me if I listen to more than a handful of them in one sitting. As a result, I don't normally get through and entire listening session of this record before I skip on to something else. Obviously I just don't really get it. For an Australian release though, this is quality and I'm happy to call it mine.

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