Wednesday, August 31, 2011

pacification attempt

It's hard to deny the influence and quality of the majority of the Despise You discography. It's everywhere in today's crust/PV scene in everything from writing and recording styles specifically, right down to imagery, artwork and the like. Recently procured for a total steal thanks to a fellow named Carlos, here's their debut s/t EP, otherwise known as the "PCP Scapegoat" 7". Black vinyl, and a split release between Pessimiser and Theologian Records back in 1995, this has never really been a record I have been desperate to get my hands on, but out of all of the band's catalogue, this and the split with Stapled Shut were Despise You number one's for me. When it's offered to me for fuck all too, I don't really say no.
Attempting to actually bother describing the differences between most of the DxY release schedule since this record is actually kind of pointless. It all runs a very similar theme and style; fast blasts broken up with mid paced bursts here and there. Dual male and female vocals. Muffled recordings. It's the same across the board, the only thing that really changes between releases is the sound quality and (minor) style differences in the recordings approaches themselves. Most of it pretty good, but as I hinted, this and the split with Stapled Shut (and the new split with ANB) are the best.
Pretty happy to score this record in such a hassle free transaction. You can't beat that intro "EURGH" into the tremolo riffing on "Pig Mindset".

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