Wednesday, May 18, 2011

local madness

So there is a show coming up next month. Local bands, a reasonably mixed bill in the sense of styles from each band. I rarely plug shows on here, but a mate of mine is organising this so I figure I will.
I'll also plug the fact that I will have a handful of stuff to peddle at this show. The list is as follows:
-Downsided Fanzine #5. My zine. An interview with Irelands Crowd Control, a 3000 word intro, some photos and a reviews section. It's a zine, go figure.
- The Hexis demo tape. Doomed out black metal/hardcore from Denmark.
- The Prison Chapel demo tape. Shitty, fuzzy hardcore from Ireland.
- The God Harvest demo tape. Heavy grindcore from Florida. Sounds like Nasum.
- The Impalers demo tape. 2nd edition of this tape of dis-beat hardcore. Members of Hatred Surge and Mammoth Grinder.
- The Column Of Heaven "Ecstatically Embracing All That We Habitually Suppress" demo tape. Members of The Endless Blockade. Nosier, 'less hardcore' incarnation of that band. More electronics. Rougher recording.
- The new Sick People demo tape (this show is the release show for it). Brisbane based, early 80's USHC inspired jams. Members of my inner friend circle. Good guys. The next Delayed Response release.
- The Slaughter Strike "Winter's Agony" demo tape. Yeah, I will still have copies.
- The second edition of the Downpour demo tape. I'll have limited copies at the show, the rest are for when the band embark on a short tour in July when I'll be overseas.
-I'll also have a couple single copies of a few records and tapes. Mainly doubles that I have.
Come to think of it, some of the previously listed imported tapes may not make it to me in time. Brisbane dudes, I'll have them at some point and I'll be keeping them all local. Out of towners, I'm more than happy to sell you the Delayed Response stuff. Say hi.
It's of worth to mention that pretty much all of the bands on this bill should have some sort of merch or music to sling aswell. Bring your play money.

Playlist (inspired by a few blogs of note):
Drainland- Split LP with Trenches
Autopsy- "Macabre Eternal"
Get Destroyed- "Shut In" advance digital
Column Of Heaven "Ecstatically Embracing All That We Habitually Suppress"
Mammon- "Demiurge"

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