Monday, November 15, 2010

Behavioral Resistance

Rot In Hell are certainly one of the more prolific bands that I listen to. In two years they have managed to pump out six (two of them in the next month) 7"s and now two LP's. Deathwish is also releasing their debut proper album in the beginning of next year. This is their latest, the 'NUI' 12". A one sided LP, this is a sound board (live) recording of new and old material, laid down sometime this year I think. This comes about thanks to A389 Records and it's limited to 300 copies with screen printed covers. All on black vinyl.
This is a powerful recording. It's rough, but so on point. The vocalist sounds like a fucking man possessed. Angry, abrasive dude.
One sided as I said.
These guys already have three split records with other bands under their belts. They also have two more coming out very soon. I put it to them to get a split going with Australia's own Abraxis. Holy terror alumni. To me it seems like the perfect pairing. Someone get on that one ASAP.

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