Sunday, October 17, 2010

trophy case full of decapitated human corpses won at last year's YMCA youth dismemberment/suicide day event

Magrudergrind are arguably one of the best grindcore bands of current times, at least in my opinion. They were pretty much the band that introduced me to more full on modern grindcore and PV. I listened to them before Insect Warfare, before In Disgust, before just about everything. This is their split 7" with Vomitspawn on Militant Records. This was the bands first foray into vinyl, before this all of their releases had been on CD and CD-R. This is also the final Magrudergrind record that I needed. Now I first got into this band about four or five years ago when their split LP with Shitstorm first came out. At the time I was pretty gobsmacked by that record, but now when I look back at it, especially when I compare it to nearly their entire catalogue, said split LP comes across a little weak. Still, better than most though. Back on track, I spent most of that year hunting down all of their stuff on eBay and the like. Some of it proved a little hard to get my hands on (the split 7"s with Sanity's Dawn and Godstomper namely), while some of it was a bit easier (the split 7"s with Sylvester Staline and A Warm Gun). This Vomitspawn split came up every now and then, and I did actually buy one from a seller once, but it never showed up, and I never heard from the seller again. Then I got lazy and just stopped bothering trying to snare it (I've been like this with the Shark Attack 'Feeding Frenzy' 7" too, but I hope to sort that piece of wax out this week). Anyway, I randomly stumbled across an auction for this split about five weeks ago, bid on it, but lost to someone willing to pay in excess of $30, a price that seemed quite crazy to me. After losing, I decided that it was time to get back to chasing this elusive number. Two weeks after that first auction, this one popped up for a B.I.N. price of $15. Obviously, I pounced.
Earlier material from the band, it's reasonably rough, but very much a proper Magrudergrind recording, especially in the context of that run of split 7"s that they released over the period of 2006-7. Fast, pissy, abrasive. I will admit that out of all of their 7"s, it is my least favourite though. I do also think that the band are getting better and better with this new, 'moshier' direction that they've decided to take. The 2009 s/t LP was down right ball busting. They must be due for a new release soon.
Vomitspawn play a similar style of grind; fast bits with random, charateristically PV tempo changes and blast beats. The vocalist utilises his lower end a bit more than Magrudergrind though.
The seller accidently sent me the Godstomper s/t 7" of all things instead of my original purchase. I freaked out a little, as it kind of dawned on me that it was very possible that he had sent my record to someone else. Luckily he didn't, and he promptly sent me my split, and let me keep the Godstomper EP. Now I'm not at all a fan of Godstomper, though with that said, I haven't actually listened to this 7" in particular. Maybe I will like it. If I don't, one of you pricks are welcome to give me your money for it.
Red wax, an early 625 Thrash release. Maybe it's worth something? I will have to look into it.

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