Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm fucken back

So the shackles of internet capdom have been broken and I'm back to full speed surf time, though, as according to an email I received last week, photobucket is still holding all of my pics hostage until tomorrow at the earliest. Like I said, I exceeded my monthly upload quota, and for whatever reason, the gaybucket suits deem it necessary to roll back the counters on the second of every month. Well that's the impression I get from the confusing as fuck email I got from them anyway. Their ransom is that I 'upgrade to pro today', but if you know me well enough, you know that the only thing that I ever spend my money on is vinyl. I'm a cheap cunt.
So I may not be able to post about my scores tonight (yes, there's still HEAPS to talk about), but I still have alot I need to get off my chest, and I can still hotlink pics, so I'll start right now.

The new Rival Mob 7", 'Hardcore For Hardcore' came out this week, and I can safely say that this record is a certified ear rapist. Yes I've raved on about them from time to time on here, but I don't think that I've ever been able to fully buy into the hype like most seem to. That last LP was good, but the WERS live set was what really made my blood boil, but it never saw anything more than a free download release. That's probably why I couldn't get really excited. No wax for it, or even cassette. This new EP though, fuck my face, it is downright next level, mind melting shit. Every song is spot on. I hope they tour Australia. I won't link you, but a download of this record is floating around online. Infact there's probably a few of them by now.

Next... I uploaded the Kiss Of Death album for a friend of mine, so I figure, as I do with all of my uploads, I may aswell show all of you. I've talked about this band many times before; southern riffage bliss. There's not much to it, they just write really good songs with some amazingly catchy riffs. Essential. Download here. This never saw a vinyl release, only CD, which really gets my goat, because I've been consistently stoked on this album for the last three or four years. Maybe one day it will happen. Maybe I should do it.

This week thanks to the Viva La Vinyl board, I managed to secure my own copy of the latest Mammoth Grinder tour cassette that the band just had out on the road with them. I haven't received it yet, but when I do, obviously I'll be posting about it. Until then the toxic breed funhouse blog upped a single file digital version of it here. As I said, it's a single 20 minute track with no song titles, but I will get around to splitting it up myself and uploading it with the correct tags. Not sure of the song titles at this stage, but I know that the second song is a re-recording of 'Societal Collapse', originally from the 'Extinction of Humanity' MLP. More details on the toxic breed site. While you're there, check out the rest of this blog. It's easily the best download blog on the net at the moment.

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Brain_tourniquet said...

Great band! Is Viva la vinyl up? I can to see the Santa Dog ,but i can't see the threads ,when I try to create an account to have authorization failed ¿?