Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Black Jesus Saves

This is the Black Jesus demo tape. This is a newish (as far as I know, these tracks have been recorded for about 8-9 months) band from Melbourne. Early Napalm Death and Repulsion worship is what you get here. Elements of black metal and crust shine through a fair bit too. I have a feeling this is Rhys from Extortion/Frightener/Meat Locker on drums. Wether it is or not, whoever it is has some amazing rolls and fills. Good drummer. This tape kicks so much ass it's not even funny. It looks like this years two best demos have both come from Melbourne. Miss this tape at your peril.
Simple, if a little boring insert. No care ever though, as the music here is next level. Eight tracks, this could easily be pressed as a demo 7" or something and it would walk out the door.
And a second dub of the latest Waste Management cassette. This is the 'Waste Taste' tape. I tried to get my hands on a first dub a couple months ago, a friend of mine had a handful to distro, but he would only sell to edge dudes first, so I missed out. Mother fucker. DX of Distort got his hands on a few of these recently and he set me up with one.
The stuff on here is what will be on the bands upcoming 7", so it's not really a demo tape in as many words. This is the second time they've done this, the material on their first EP also saw release on a taster tape. One finished up on eBay yesterday, it went for something like $30. Bummer bitch.
This band can do no wrong. The best modern incarnation of pure Boston hardcore at the moment. There's a few others going around too, but WM own it by far. All hail the Boston nu-scene. Piss in your shoe.
Hand numbered 17/100.

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