Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Live In Sin

Few 7"s, first up is this 'Trash City' 7" by Boiling Over. Very straight up, straight edge hardcore outta Chicago. Probably a mix of Boston and NY. I saw these guys last year play in their home town with Converge. It was a pretty god set, but I guess not good enough to make me buy this record. Regardless, there's some good stuff going on here. Some creative mosh bits and some okay hooks.
Lifeline Records. Clear wax.
Next, the new Burning Love single, 'Don't Ever Change b/w Jack The Ripper'. Hyped beyond belief at the moment, for obvious reasons, I can't get really crazy about this band. They've certainly written some cool songs, but it just doesn't really grab me that much. It's certainly better than alot of stuff out there, but I think they hype factor puts me off quite a bit. I've never been a massive Colahan fan anyway.
Deranged Records. Black wax.
And the new Heiress/Narrows split 7". Another record that I'm not huge on. In retrospect, it seems I bought alot of stuff in Sydney that I probably didn't have to. Record collecting is killing my soul. Both bands play that semi technical kind of metalcore reminiscent of Botch and Coalesce. I think that both Narrows and Heiress have links to both of the aforementioned bands too.
Deathwish Inc. Clear wax. Gatefold sleeve type thing.


Frank said...

I'm not crazy about BL yet either, however that Nick Cave cover is fucking rad.

I got the LP in the mail yesterday, it's good but not something I'll listen to all the time.

Good One Dick Head! said...

I still need to get the Burning Love LP, but the single I was in to.

That split though, for me, is a fucking rager!