Thursday, July 22, 2010

Go Die

Tolerating (barely) the slug speed geek-a-net I'm being forced to deal with at the moment, I've managed to get another post together. It wasn't fun. I did anyway. Here's another reissue, this time the repress of the D.R.I. classic, 'Crossover'. Milwaukee label Beer City Records is currently in the process of reissuing the bands entire catalogue and if this one LP is anything to go by, they're certainly doing it right. Simple packaging, true to the original. Red wax of 1100.
I've also got the two 7"s on the way.
And the Coke Bust 'Lines In The Sand' LP on black plastic. Years ago I used to talk regularly to the guy who put out this bands demo 7". I never got hugely excited about the band, but because of this connection I managed to snare a show release cover of said 7". I never took it too seriously, never thought they'd get that big, but in the last two years or so they seem to have developed somewhat of a following. Washington styled stuff from, you guessed it, Washington DC. I found out a little while after I first heard these guys that they share their drummer with grindcorers Magrudergrind. When the fuck will that band finally tour Australia for fucks sake?
Comes with a massive fold out poster.
I did like the demo and the subsequent debut 7" better than this, but this LP certainly displays it's own potential, and I can imagine certain friends of mine getting pretty ape shit for this stuff. Fast, no bullshit straight edge hardcore.

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