Thursday, April 15, 2010

"That guy's a goner"

Picked this up at my local today... a new pressing of the Flex Your Head Compilation LP. I've never ever been a fan at all of compilations really, but this is obviously an exception. Any self respecting hardcore kid should know what's going on here.
I'm rather fond of this new press on red wax. Like Craigos said yesterday, you can never go wrong with red wax.
DC's finest.
The new Defile demo tape. Good noisy hardcore from Chicago. This thing came in a week. Very stoked on the fast postage. Also marked with a return address to Raw Nerve. Connections there somehow? Doesn't surprise me really, it is a similar kind of sound.
Black ink on a black tape. I like that.
The new Taipan tape of 50. Pretty much the only band from Sydney that I get excited about that I can think of right now, besides Deathcage maybe. They sold most of them at a recent show in Canberra, but I was lucky enough to grab one of the left overs via the bands myspace. I haven't had a chance to listen to this yet, but if it's anything like the 7", I'm excited.
I'm thinking it may not be anything like the 7" though, if the liner notes are any kind of indication. Perhaps the band isn't happy with the end result?
And off topic a little, I bought this print from a dude on the B9 board. Authentic it is not, but awesome it is.
I was expecting a paper print, luckily though it's on really good quality canvas. The photos don't really give this thing any kind of justice. It's awesome, and massive. Something like $40 postage paid.
Pretty sure he does these to order. If you're at all interested, comment me here, and I'll dig up the dudes details.

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timothy hegoat aka knee deep in the dead said...

yeeeew!!! Im still waiting for my Taipan tape hopefully tomorrow :D