Monday, September 21, 2009


Black Flag- "Jealous Again" MLP millionth press. It was there, I was there. I figured why not?

"Tyrant" by Thou. Baton Rouge sludge/doom. Heavily influenced by that Louisiana sound, with a good amount of Iron Monkey styled vox going on too. Slower. Heavier. This is the repress on Southern Lord. The original was on One Eye Records, and may have different artwork, though I'm not sure, that may be just the CD that I'm thinking of. Liner notes came on a little A5 black and white booklet.

New Lewd Acts LP, "Black Eye Blues". Brown wax. Certainly alot more of a mature sound compared to their earlier efforts, this one definitely has it's ebbs and flows. This is the first Deathwish LP I've bought in a while (perhaps ever, I can't remember) without a fold-out gatefold sleeve. Also, it certainly seems that the artwork was either; A) not handled by Jake Bannon himself or B) he realised how boring his regular work is getting. Judging by the new Converge artwork though, I wouldn't blame you for assuming the former. Infact I just read that the art is the work of the bands lead singer Tyler, Bannon just handled the layout.

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