Thursday, August 6, 2009

While we're on the topic...

... of Mr. Anselmo, lets appreciate his many different looks througout the last two decades. This is no tribute, but I did always him more than Dimebag anyway.

From glam cock rocker, to dreadlocked no gooder, to hardcore boxer kid, to stoned out junkie, to black metal heathen, to southern rock stoner/crooner... Phil's done it all.
He may (or may not) be a no good horse junkie, but I must say that the man has pretty good taste in music, and was listening to great bands before most of us even existed. Hey Phil.


Kate said...

I am just posting in appreciation of this entry.
He's probably dumb, he is ignorant about the world and has been known to say offensive things from time to time but if nothing else he knows a lot about good music
I will always love him haha.

Beau said...

He loves boxing and Bl'ast! so hes cooler than most. Great Exhorder shirt, too.