Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Lower East Side

Went to what used to be CBGBs today. It's some uber trendy, mega exspensive fashion store now. Though they've preserved alot of what used to be there. Still, it was kind of dissapointing knowing what it has become.

Also did a load of other touristy stuff, to be talked of at a later point, but it did include the statue, ground zero, and a squirrel. Rad days. Finally managed to hit up some record shopping also. Picked up a few LP's from Generations Record Store in The Village. Also to be talked about at a later point.
Finishing my night with some mega sunburn and a 32oz.

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The Reality Asylum said...

You'll be glad to know that Trash Talk played the Gold Coast last night with Ghost Town and Tear Gas and it ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PWNED!!! Obvs you'll see better shows but chuh.