Friday, January 16, 2009

In Disgust/Sidetracked

I have previously documented the efforts in which I have gone to, and the troubles I have endured in my attempts to obtain this split by California's In Disgust and Washington's Sidetracked. Well today it finally arrived, after 5 weeks of problems. It's no coloured variant, but it'll do. Black wax. 
Sidetracked play ultra technical PV in the vein of No Comment and the like. Short songs, with plenty of tempo changes. It's gets to the point where it gets a little too much for me with this band though, with nearly every song being under a minute long, and most of which using at least 7-8 varying tempo changes within each song. That's about every 10 seconds. I like the idea, and generally the sound of the band is tight, but it does get a little too hard to follow for my simple ears. Any real structure that the band looks like they're creating is quickly demolished by these harsh changes every time. It's frustrating. I would rate these guys over many of todays modern 'PV' bands though, I just think they're selling themselves short by trying too hard.
In Disgust... you know what I think. Currently the USA's best grindcore exponents. Really massive stuff that will kill people. Give these guys another year, I reckon they'll be the next Insect Warfare.
IxD are quite possibly the most anti social band I listen to as well. All of their albums inserts are like this. Never any lyrics or major details.  Just insults. Great band.

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