Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In Disgust stuff

First up, the In Disgust 'Reality Choke' tape. I know, I already have the 10" of this, but I am a collector fag remember. Not much different with this tape to the wax apart from the obvious. The layout, and photos are much the same.

Then there is this new split they have with Godstomper. It's a live recorded piece, with both bands 'battling it out' apparently for radio supremacy. It's a cool record, and surprisingly crisp for a live recording. As I expected, the In Disgust stuff, though all being previously released material, shreds, but I've never like Godstomper and this record hasn't convinced me otherwise. Lots of little fiddly bits upon opening the record. Two big fold outs, a little backside card, the front cover, and a little photo credit snippet. Clear wax.

I am happy in the fact that I have managed to snag the bands elusive split with Sidetracked that I have been chasing for a while too. It's due in the mail any day now. These guys have a tone of new releases scheduled for the early part of next year. What is it with grind bands always having a shitload on the cards? I'll be getting all of them.

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