Sunday, November 30, 2008


My mate Borg has started a new label Sniper Fucker, and the first release is this Shock Troop LP. Doomy/Jap thrash stuff from Austria. Green wax = Aussie press.

Trapped Under Ice demo 7". Haven't actually listened to it yet, but I like all the other stuff they've done, so I reckon i'll dig this record.

My good mate John Hobbs in Melbourne sent me these grindcore 7"s for free this week, along with a handful of grind/thrash CD's. I love John.

Eating Glass 'Feed Them To The Vultures' 7". Apparently they sound like Integrity. I know another band who sound like Integrity who use this exact same artist. I'm weary.

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X-X said...

The cover to that TUI 7" is a beauty. Looks like members of 3 bands- two thugs who dont need shirts cos they bench 100 pounds, 2 suburban nu metal dudes including one that looks like hes straight outta limp bizkit and finally you have the future Chubby Fresh.

I wish that band sounded like Metallica.