Friday, October 17, 2008

Connections Pre Order

I got my Connections pre order 7" today. To be honest though, youth crew (bar the odd band here and there) really isn't my dig at all. The main reason I pre ordered this ep was because of the pure fact that Allan Reid is involved. Great dude, who's been around for ever, and I suspect will be around until he dies. And when you think about it, the idea behind this band is pretty fucken cool. For more details click here.
I like hand numbered sleeves. As you can see though, it looks like I got in a little later than most. To be honest I thought I was quick as shit. Oh well.

The photo doesn't really do proper justice, but the colour of the wax is actually a really nice, light green. Something I haven't really seen before.  The insert is also a super good quality A4 sheet. Like semi thick, and printed really well. Overall for his first effort in pressing records Allan has done an amazing job.

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What remains is more than words said...

Cheers man. Glad you're into it. I'm stoked how the green came out too. I got a few with black speckles but nothing big enough to pass off as a mispress. But still, the colour is the thing I am most stoked on.